“Our entire family has benefited from Dr. Slezak’s treatments - Carver’s autistic symptoms are so much better, Sawyer and Wrigley’s allergies are better, I have been able to shrink my thyroid nodules by 20% and Lou’s digestive tract issues have cleared up. It is still amazing to me that all of this has been possible with a few suggestions of basic changes in our diets and homeopathic remedies.”

Michaela Ellis, mother of three, Laguna Hills, CA

“I had been troubled with dry eyes for some time. The discomfort intensified each year and although I met with three different ophthalmologists, nothing provided relief. I followed Dr. Slezak’s recommendations and noticed an immediate improvement. It is wonderful to no longer be constantly troubled with a burning sensation in my eyes. In my opinion Dr. Slezak has the skills and manner we all look for in a doctor. He is quietly competent, listens well, asks good questions, and provides an environment in which the patient feels unrushed. Most importantly, he is solution oriented.”

Sonia Robinson, Irvine, CA

“I can highly recommend you to anyone seeking natural health care because I have experienced a great improvement in my health and physical comfort under your care. My primary concern has been relief from the symptoms of menopause. Even though I continued to have symptoms, the severity of the hot flashes and night sweats was greatly diminished by the remedies you prescribed. I also struggled with low energy and am very grateful to have seen both my thyroid and adrenal glands function so much better that I am now working out regularly without fatigue. The number and severity of colds I have had has also decreased in the time I have been seeing you. And I now have a much greater awareness of how to prevent illness and stay well because of your instructions.”

Pat Lundeen, Laguna Hills, CA