Welcome to my practice, and to naturopathic medicine in general.  My mission is to help restore the health of the adult and pediatric community through the teaching of natural living, and the sensible use of natural medicines. I am a residency-trained Naturopathic Doctor licensed in California by the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine.  I specialize in the use of therapeutic diets, nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy to treat acute and chronic conditions. 

In this web site you’ll find out more about naturopathic medicine, why it stands above all other disciplines in the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).  ND’s are more than just holistic doctors, they are guides to living and healing that come from a century rich tradition of getting patients well and keeping families healthy.  If you want comprehensive care with drug free options for restoring health, a naturopathic doctor is who you should see.  

As a residency trained naturopathic doctor and a graduate of the prestigious Bastyr University, I am uniquely trained to meet the needs of all my patients.  I have always believed that hard work, lots of study and good patient care have been the hallmarks of my success as an ND.  I hope that you will consider joining the thousands of other patients who have benefited from the care they have received from me.  If so I look forward to serving your health care needs.